Trash Flies



Dragon Fly Eyes Striping Peacock Hurl Flip/Flop Foam Mouse Calf Tail Clouser
Bead Chain Eyes Pom-pom Eggs Hi-Vis Foam Spider .177 Bugger
.177 Bugger 2 Tensile and Icicle Kreelex Style Fly Recycled Rubber Legs Frank Sawyer's PT
Stonefly from Craftstore Yarn Dubbing DIY Rubber Legs Part 2 Todd's Wiggly Minnow (Flip Flop) Dragon Fly Prototype
Really Simple Crayfish Headphone Inch Worm Boot Lace Stone Fly Nymph Burlap Mayfly Nymph
Little Black Stone-fly Nymph (crow feather) USB Midge Three Phase Midge  One Material Woolly Bugger
Headphone Wire Copper John Bar B Que and Stonefly Nymph





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