Calf Tail Clouser









Hook: #6 Mustad Kink Shank
Eyes: Dark red bead chain
Underwing: White calf tail
Overwing: Chartreuse calf tail
Flash: Olive and sparkle spinner bait skirt mat'l
Thread: Burnt orange unithread

This fly originated on a trip this summer to the lake. It was hot and lake fishing didn't pan out for us. I started fishing the tailwater below the lake. After the first day and some good success I realized I was seriously low on small Clouser. That evening I figured to enjoy the evening I would tie some more. Quickly realized I had none of the fixing for Clousers with me. Called around and nobody was much into fly fishing there except one shop who sold jig materials. Dropped by and bought two calf tails and a box of size 6 kink shank hooks they had. The calf tail has a neat property to it. Got strange looks but he was happy to make a sale. He had nothing to use for weight. We drove to the Lowes in the next little town. Bought a red pull chain for a light. Got back to where we were staying and started to tie. Half way thru the first one another realization hit. NO FLASH. I did have skirt mat'l which I use for legs (olive with sparkles). Seemed wrong but it's what I had. I tied up half dozen. Next day at the tailwater for a test started throwing the pattern conceived by necessity. Caught a bunch of white drum and one nice carp (25 lbish).

Since I've caught catfish, carp, sauger, white bass, small mouth bass, and bluegill on them. Sorry for the story but it's makes the odd Clouser make better sense maybe Laughing

Bob Clouser had a profoundly great idea in the Clousers Deep Minnow Very Happy

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