DIY Rubber Legs (Small, Medium, and ?)

The old reliable Bungee Cord has been a source of small and medium rubber legs for many since the first time we saw one broken apart. Depending on the age of the cord they are reliably tough. In a recent trip to the hardware though I came across something I hadn't noticed. Bungee Cord material sold by the foot on a spool. It cost about .75 cent per foot. I got a foot just out of sheer curiosity.

When I got it back to the bench and sliced the fabric coating off with a razor knife something different was there. The rubber strands were still attached to each other in a sheet of sort. The sheets were the ever present strands just still joined. Probably from not being stretched.

It occurred to me that with them together that they could be colored easily. So I made some of my favorite patterns on the pieces. After the coloring was complete I pulled them apart. As seen in the photograph they turned out really well.

The strands are slightly bigger in this cord than medium in the purchased legs but not what I would term as large. Large I'm still not sure exists in the realm of manufactured legs. Which calls the size scale they use into some sort of question.

I used Sharpies for this experiment. Also remembers razor knives are extremely sharp.


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