Dragon Fly Eyes

I tie a lot of Stealth Bombers ( http://www.flyfishga.com/stealth.htm ) and similar foam flies for bass, bluegill, and small mouth bass. I am a firm believer in having eyes on em. Dragon flies and damsels have large black eyes.

Made ones (molded mono) cost and are not an usual fly shop item around here. I have had a hard time melting them for the size I need.

Found a 5 gal bucket of plastic beads in the shop that don't really work with our molding machines. They are soft and rubbery. The idea hit me; why not string them on some mono and set them in place with 'super glue'.


Tried them on the pond bass and gills. Works like a charm :) Very durable and catch fish. 

The cost is $0.00 and time (which is very quick to make).