John Barr's Copper John gets the Trash Fly treatment.

John Barr is in my opinion one of the greats in the realm of fly tying. He is one I hold high. I bought his book, that ought to say a lot. One of his patterns I like and fish a lot is the 'Copper John'. This piece is dedicated to the Copper John and how some Trash Fly philosophy was applied to it.


Hook: #14 Nymph 2X
Bead: Brass
Weight: Lead wire medium
Tail: Biots Dark Brown
Flash: Strip of Krystal Flash
Wing-case: Stretch Body black. 
Abdomen: Wire from a broken pair of 'ear bud' style headphones
Thorax: Peacock Hurl

Note: The headphone wire is usually red, blue, and gold in one pair of headphones. I have also found green in some brands.


Took them to a Delayed Harvest stream a few counties over. The test was complete and intense. I caught a 'obscene number of fish'. :)

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