Stripping Peacock Hurl

I have been as many of the rest of you searching for the 'magic bullet' for striping hurl. Everything seemed to require questionable chemicals or took forever. It hit me that the erasers we use in drafting are white vinyl in stead of the rough pink pearl style one on a #2 pencil. Tried one and it worked better. Still seemed to take forever. Soooo.... I decided to make a device to do the task.

I took the vinyl eraser and cut a slug out with a round punch.

Found the center and put a small nail through it. Put it in the Jacobs chuck of my bench top drill press. Any drill you could mount or clamp would probably do as well.

If I pulled the hurl against the wheel tip first the fuzz just rolled off neat as can be.

It took about 30 sec to do one piece of hurl as opposed to a 1 minute 20 sec by hand.