Three Phase Molted Midge

   The other day I was walking through one of the shops at school and noticed an electrician working. He was wiring in a piece of equipment, one that required a three phase line. He was stripping the wires for his connection. On the table I noticed some interesting fibers. It was some of the reinforcing from the wire. Without really even thinking it left my mouth, I asked 'can I have that'. He looked at what I was pointing at. With an expression somewhere between puzzled and mildly irritated he said 'sure'. I picked up my treasure and when back to my office. The fiber laid there on my desk for a couple of days. I picked it up several times as my mind would wonder away from my lesson plans and projects. Just couldn't come up with exactly what it would be good for on the tying bench.

Seems like my tying tastes have often swung toward midges between patterns for warm water trips and terrestrials for small trout streams. I do like to fish midges on the tail-waters and in the colder months.

This is what formed up from that 'molted' looking fiber.

Working Name: Three Phase Molted Midge

Hook: #20 Scud

Bead: Small tungsten

Body: Three phase wire insulation fiber.

Thread and Collar: Blk Gordon Griffith 14/0

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