Woolly Bugger with one Material

We all know that the Woolly Bugger is a fly pattern to count on. It really catches a lot of fish. Not just trout but a wide array of species. From carp to flounder Buggers do a fine business. The Woolly Bugger is also probably one of the most customized well known patterns. Lots of tiers new to the vise start their journey getting the Woolly Bugger right.

Well I am messing with it again. I personally like a Bugger. Probably tie them the most of any pattern through out the year. The other day my mind wandered to them. I was thinking about hackle and tails. Fashion trends and material variations.

Then it hit! Could you tie a bugger with only one material. Now we know I'm probably a little weird if I have a site called Trash Flies. This idea bounced around. But what material?


Why not?

But yarn?

It's cheap or free depending on your connections. It's easy to work with. It comes in a myriad of colors.


Hook: #10 2x Nymph
Head: Brass Cone
Weight: Lead wire
Tail: Lt Green Yarn brushed out
Body: Olive Yarn
Hackle: Lt Green Yarn twisted into a dubbing brush around fine wire.

Will it work? Comment.

I am going to make the hackle brush much sparser in future attempts.

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